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    Free Isofix infant and child seats

    MostYou may occasionally need a little more assistance in organizing your trip, and at Airport Fleet Taxis we are more than pleased to assist. When taking one of our cabs, if you have any particular demands, please let us know and we'll try our best to accommodate them. We can assist you in a number of ways, including by offering a baby seat.

    Children and young people must ride in a baby seat by law, and if you don't have one or don't want to carry one with you, we can help you. Because we as a business place a great importance on safety and security, we make sure that when you travel with us, both you and we abide by this rule.

    our Vehicle

    Please reserve a child seat in advance.

    Because we don't always have baby seats on hand, if this is a service you need, please let us know in advance so we can make sure you have a car seat that is appropriate for your child. Please contact Airport Fleet if there is anything more you require from us. Our drivers have access to a variety of services and accessories that will guarantee you travel in luxury and style at all times.

    You may occasionally require an extra helping hand while organizing your airport shuttle excursion. Our crews always give top priority to carrying your child in the safest manner possible at all times. Baby seats are crucial for your child's safety and wellbeing. If you don't want to bring a baby seat with your luggage or if you forgot your baby seat, Airport Fleet will supply all of our clients' baby seats free of charge upon request.

    We offer Seamless baby seats

    You can rest assured that your child will travel in safety and comfort because all of our drivers have received training and experience installing baby seats in our vehicles. Given the significance of these seats and their correct use, we are more than delighted to offer this as part of our goal to deliver the highest quality of overall service. Make sure you bring a baby seat that fits your vehicle if you want to feel secure about your ability to travel safely.

    When you use Airport Fleet Taxis, you can request to have a baby seat put in the vehicle at no extra cost. We always Try to offer the highest level of service , and if you want to reduce your stress and travel expenses, we can assist.

    Baby/Child Seat for your Airport Transfer & Taxi Need

    If you require a baby seat for your child, kindly let us know as Airport Fleet wants to help all of its customers. By writing a note to your driver, you can inform us when you are making a routine Booking . If you've already made your reservation but realize that you forgot to tell us about your baby seat, it's still not too late to let us know. You can do so by:

    • Email
    • Live chat system
    • Live chat system
    • Airport Fleet Taxis website
    • Telephone: 020 38798100

    Airport Fleet Frequently Asked Questions

    Can we get a cab with child safety seats?

    To ensure that your children are transported safely, please request a baby seat in the comments box. Yes, we provide infant car seats for kids of all ages.

    Do we have to pay to use car seats?

    Since the requested car seat is free, you can be sure that your child will travel in comfort and safety.

    What happens if I require more than one child seat?

    If you need more than one child seat, that is acceptable. How many baby seats you require should be communicated to our support team or noted while booking your transfer .

    Do I have to purchase a child seat?

    Airport Fleet Airport Fleet offers baby seats completely free of charge. When you book your transfer, do provide us with all the information.

    Do I have to reserve a child seat in advance?

    If you need a baby seat, kindly let us know in advance. Please don't worry if you neglected to inform us. Before the journey starts, you can inform us.

    What if no longer require a baby seat?

    Please let our operators know if you no longer need a baby seat so they can let your driver know. You have four options for canceling your infant seat : WhatsApp, live chat, phone, and email.

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